Student Records Are At High Risk of Data Theft

Since students don’t have much money and are only at an institute for a few years, schools and colleges might not feel the need for high-grade security and having enterprise-level data security experts as part of their IT team. But the risks to that data, especially in the world of GDPR and just as great as for a company or enterprise.

By Chris Knight

Here’s a fun story, when I was at college, I had a part-time job doing data entry for the faculty. During that time I could have stolen every record, adjusted grades for friends, or wiped out the entire system and its backups – kept on disks in a usually open safe.

Hopefully, today’s schools and colleges are savvier when it comes to data security and information awareness. But there are many that just take on some third-party software and get on with the business of educations without giving it a further thought about what the application does with that data, how or where it is stored and who has access to it.

What happens when that software has bugs of flaws in the cloud era? Here’s one example of a student who found out, and told the company, who failed to patch it for months. There are plenty of software and service providers focused on the education market, but who checks their software is secure, that their workers are using strong data protection methods?

Security is the First Order of any Business

Most schools and colleges are pretty small, and lack the IT knowledge or expertise to operate in a secure way. If a provider says their product is encrypted and secure, that might be enough for the institution, without asking further questions. Or the school leaders might not think enterprise-quality security is a worthwhile expense. However, in the cloud era, data security is not as expensive as people think, but is essential and not a luxury.

Providers of security solutions like can ask the questions that need to be asked. They can ensure the school’s networks are secure against the massive array of threats that are lined against them (from malware and virus attacks, phishing or ransomware threats, disaffected students trying to break in, or weak password and access rights management).

Penetration testing will ensure the network is secure, and changes can be made to boost security and improve server administration, or how third-party cloud services or storage are accessed and managed.

Endpoint protection can help ensure a college’s devices are secured and that the huge number of smartphones, notebooks, WiFi access points and other devices do not create a weakpoint that hackers can exploit.

Finally, so many businesses and schools fail to make backups in a secure fashion, and KokoBo can ensure that backups happen regularly and are secure to protect the student and company data. This is critical should the college be hit by any natural or technical disaster or be hit by some new data threat.

Getting back up and running quickly is essential and with colleges and other institutes being hacked on a daily basis, getting professional security advice and protection now is the bare minimum any school can do.

Foreign Governments Are After Your Business Information, Money and Data

International digital espionage has been a poorly kept secret, but in the last couple of years, the lid has been blown off state actor efforts to steal information or money from companies, or hold them to ransom, with broad-based efforts to break into any company, whatever the actual value.

By Chris Knight

Iran, North Korea, failed states and major world powers are all involved in concerted hacking efforts. You might think they are aimed at the U.S. Government, Defense Department and businesses that build planes, ships or are involved in billion-dollar deals. Yes, those are targets, but well-defended ones, so hackers will take what they can get from less protected sites and businesses.

In reality, they are hacking with automated tools that sweep across billions of IP addresses and endpoints daily, and will happily steal from 100 small businesses that can provide them with high-value U.S. or European currency, credit card or personal data files they can sell on black markets, or cryptocurrencies they can siphon off for their own deals. A recent United Nations report singled out North Korean as having grabbed over $2 billion for their own uses to counter world sanctions and to help fund their own nuclear efforts.

This puts every business at risk and makes having solid defenses a requirement for any type of company, from a growing array of hacking tools. U.S. Cyber Command recently released some examples that the North Koreans are using, one example being “Electric Fish” that creates a digital data tunnel through which data can be leaked through a backdoor to their own servers.

How to Protect Against the International Threat

Modern IT security has moved far beyond the need for a firewall and antivirus software. Every connection and link could be a weak point, every printer, router and smart device a risk. The risk grows as hardware vendors use unbranded parts, chips and circuitry, mostly from Chinese factories, to reduce costs. They could contain their own digital payloads to make something seemingly innocuous like a cheap webcam or wireless router into a potent weapon.

Therefore the security needs of any business need to enterprise-grade regardless of their actual size. They also need to be smart, working proactively to counter threats the day they are created, using penetration testing to ensure your network is secure, good administration practices and auditing to ensure every cloud feature like Amazon AWS, GDrive and service is protected.

Busy growing companies often lack the skills to build a secure network, while startups often go with off-the-shelf tools but don’t know how to properly manage them. All of these create risks that can be managed by partnering with an IT and security expert to help build a secure solution, with the tools to manage the security on your behalf with backup and recovery services to help in the event of any type of IT failure.

As the number of IT-based heists booms, and events like data-ransomware grow, it is only a matter of when your business will fall prey to some kind of attack. Perhaps it only some low-end chancer demanding a few bitcoin, but if all your data ends up on the dark web, or a foreign power wipes out your bank accounts or corporate credit cards, your business may struggle to recover, making solutions and services from vital to fighting this battle for you.